Revue Blanche

In 2010, four young musicians from Brussels were inspired by like minded musical ideas to create a new chamber music ensemble. The inspiring combination of viola, harp, flute and voice is a not-so-obvious line-up that generates many opportunities and challenges.

The ensemble was named 'Revue Blanche' after the French literary and artistic magazine of the same name. The magazine was published at the end of the 19th century by leading politicians and artists such as Debussy, Proust and Toulouse-Lautrec. 'Blanche' is symbolic: white is the sum of all colours and refers to the idea of the unwritten page that is open to all opinions and movements. This open-mindedness colours the aesthetics that the ensemble has in mind. Revue Blanche translates the 'freedom of speech' that formed the core of the magazine into a musical quest that explores beauty and emotions beyond the boundaries of stylistic periods.

Revue Blanche strives for a symbiosis between the world of instrumental chamber music and the universe of the vocal repertoire, exploring and breaking through their respective boundaries. The fusion of contrasting instruments and the addition of a vocal element result in new sounds and colours. The ensemble also tries to explore the possibilities of the instrumental use of the voice. By writing its own arrangements, Revue Blanche is able to make the most of its unusual line-up. The surprising (sub)combinations form the characteristic versatile character of this finely tuned chamber music ensemble.


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